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Image of Cake Margarine Medium 15kg
Goodman Fielder Ingredients

Cake Margarine Medium 15kg

Goodman Fielder Ingredients Cake Margarine offers year round consistency, and a distinct butter flavour when baked. It has a high creaming power, resulting in maximum volume yields. It can be used for a variety of applications, from biscuits and cookies to icing.


Vegetable oils, water, salt, emulsifiers (471, soybean lecithin, 435), flavour, antioxidant (307b), colours (100, 160b).

Contains soy

Product Information

Product Code169481
Pack Size1 block
Cartons Per Layer12
Layers Per Pallet5
Total Cartons Per Pallet60

Storage Instructions

Store at 15-25°C in a clean, dry, odourless environment. Avoid direct sunlight.

Shelf Life: 12 months


Best used for biscuits and cookies, cakes and slices, cream fillings and toppings, choux pastry, icing.

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