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Welcome to Chefology

Welcome to Chefology

Chefology Round Three

Chefology is the study of creativity and innovation in the kitchen, to inspire culinary excellence.

Become a leader of innovation and showcase your talent to your peers. We challenge you to show us our Milk Buns like we’ve never seen before! There is your choice of a Kasumi Knife Set, a Commercial KitchenAid Mixer or a $1,000 Visa Gift Card up for grabs for the Chefology Champion! T&Cs apply – see competition form for link.

Ingenious applications, inventive recipes or innovative techniques – create those dishes you’ve only ever dreamt about.

Milk Buns are revolutionising the burger world – how will they inspire you to create something special?


Show us what you’ve got!

1. Milk Buns are the hero
Get thinking about how Milk Buns can be used to drive food innovation

2. Jump on the tools
Line up your Goodman Fielder QBA Milk Buns and get cooking!

3. Get the killer shot
Take a photo of your original milk bun creation, fill out the competition form and upload it onto the website below

4. Claim your prize
Most innovative recipe wins, as judged by our panel of chefs


Check out some Milk Bun inspiration…

Mille Feuille
Milk Bun Tuile with Satay Chicken
Savoury Bombe Alaska
French Toast


Enter below!


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