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Ordering Cart Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the ordering cart?
The ordering cart allows customers to add Goodman Fielder products to their cart to create a turn-in order form to their nominated distributor or allows you place an order directly with Goodman Fielder for our breads and bakery snacks range. The turn-in order form is treated as an expression of interest as pricing and delivery details are to be discussed with the distributor or Goodman Fielder directly.

2. Who can place a turn-in order?
Any foodservice business with a registered ABN can place an order with your nominated distributor or with Goodman Fielder direct. See below for more information about nominated distributors and Goodman Fielder directly supplied breads and bakery snacks.

3. How do I use the ordering cart?
It’s simple. Find the products you want via the product page on the Goodman Fielder Food Service website and add to cart. Click the ordering cart icon to take you to your selections. On this page you will be able to alter the quantities, nominate your distributor per product and fill out the order form. This information will be handed to the selected distributor to allow them to contact you for pricing and delivery instructions and payment. For bread and bakery snacks these transactions will be managed by Goodman Fielder directly.

4. What is the process my order goes through?
Once you have clicked the complete your order button, you order will be sent to your nominated distributor or Goodman Fielder and you will receive a confirmation email. Please make sure you have typed your correct contact details, so that you can be easily contacted for pricing, delivery confirmation and payment options. For bread and bakery snacks these transactions will be managed by Goodman Fielder directly.

5. I can’t see any pricing, how do I find out how much something costs?
We do not display pricing as most of our products are supplied through our distributor network. You can click here to find and contact a distributor for a quote or complete your order and your nominated distributor will contact you with pricing. The order transaction will occur through your distributor and your business. For bread and bakery snacks these transactions will be managed by Goodman Fielder directly.

6. Why can’t I choose a distributor for some of the bread and bakery snack products?
These bread and bakery snack products are supplied directly from Goodman Fielder and do not go through a distributor network. You need to be set up as a customer with a Goodman Fielder account to allow payment and delivery to your site. Refer to question 7 for how to do this.

7. I am not a customer of Goodman Fielder and haven’t bought directly supplied bread an bakery snacks from them before – how can I become a customer?
To set up an account and become a Goodman Fielder customer to receive directly supplied bread and bakery snacks you will need to fill out an online form. Click here to get started. You will then be allocated a state sales representative who will give you a call to discuss your account details.

8. If I already have an account number with a distributor, where can I add this to my order?
At the end of your order form there is a free text section for delivery instructions and your distributor account number/s. If you have selected more than one distributor for different products, you need to type the name of your distributor next to your distributor account numbers.

9. My distributor is not listed? How can I use them?
If you cannot find a distributor you normally use, they may not have Goodman Fielder stock available. Please select distributor not listed to process your order. Goodman Fielder will contact you to manage this order.

10. What if I do not have a distributor or know what is local to me?
You can find a distributor for a product through the Find a Distributor page. Click here to start your search.

11. If I do not have an account with a distributor; can I still place an order?
Yes, as long as you select a local distributor or a distributor not listed. You can still complete your order and note this in the delivery instructions.

12. How long will it take for me to hear from the distributor?
Allow 2-3 business days for the turn-in order form to be processed. Note: orders will not happen overnight. We advise if you wish to place an urgent order to call your nominated distributor or Goodman Fielder Sales Representative.

13. What happens if I do not hear from my distributor?
You can contact us via email by clicking here. Quote your reference number and we will follow up for you.

14. What is a mixed crate of bread?
Goodman Fielder allows you to select different bread brands and types to make the minimum order quantity of 10 units.

15. I want to order different types of bread to make up my crate (10 loaves) – how do I do this?
Unfortunately, the website only allows you to order one type of loaf to fill a crate; you can contact customer service by clicking here, to place a mixed order.

16. I can’t find the product I want, what can I do? 
Not all Goodman Fielder products are listed on this website. You can contact a Goodman Fielder Customer Service Representative by clicking here.

17. What is a nominated distributor?
A distributor functions as a service provider between food manufacturers (Goodman Fielder) and the food service operator (you) and nominated means one which you use often or have an account with.

18. What is a foodservice business?
Foodservice business is a business, institution, and/or company responsible for any meal prepared outside the home. This industry includes restaurants, school and hospital cafeterias, catering operations, and many other formats.

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