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Bread Crumbs

Bread crumbs are key to many dishes across the country, from the revered chicken schnitty or chicken parma to chicken nuggets, toppings for pasta and soup, or to add texture to sweet cakes.

To ensure you deliver on your customers’ expectations every time Goodman Fielder Food Service supplies a range of wholesale bread crumbs in a variety of styles.

Our medium blend and fine blend bulk bread crumbs are made from wholemeal and multigrain breads while our white bread crumbs are made from white breads before being milled, dried and sieved. Our medium crumbs are all perfect for breading, crumbing foods and adding into recipes, while our fine crumbs are best for stuffing poultry and thickening stews.

At Goodman Fielder Food Service, we also supply coarse white crumbs which are perfect for adding extra crunch to your dishes as well as coarse Japanese crumbs made from speciality purpose baked bread - best for coating deep fried foods and achieving the “panko” effect.

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