Goodman Fielder Food Service

Wraps and Flatbread

Goodman Fielder Food Service supplies a wide range of wholesale wraps to cafes and restaurants across Australia. Whether you're looking for a traditional tortilla wrap or a healthier alternative, our broad range has your menu covered.

You can expect high quality bulk wraps and flatbreads, fresh or frozen, from our trusted brands QBA, Helga's and Wonder.

For traditional wrap offerings, we supply Helga’s Traditional White Wraps and QBA White Tortilla's in 10 inch and 12 inch sizes. These wraps are sturdy and versatile, perfect for a wide variety of dishes across your menu - you can use them for dipping, frying, toasting and grilling!

On the health conscious side, we produce Hi Fibre wraps by Wonder, and wholemeal, mixed grain, lower carb, prebiotic, and sourdough varieties by Helga's. With no added sugar or artificial preservatives, these options are perfect for those healthy choice menu items that are gaining in popularity across the country.

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