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Avik Kanjilal

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Blue Orange, Bondi

Cod's Gift

Toga Hospitality Group, Sydney

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I started my career at 19 in Dubai. Since becoming a chef, I have made an effort to travel the world to non-traditional locations every year to find inspiration and ideas that I can then showcase on my menus. I believe a menu is an opportunity to express your true self and show off the flavours from across the world.

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What is the first thing you do when you get to work?
I have my coffee, a double espresso - that's a must.

Latest recipes from Avik Kanjilal

Black Garlic Bread With Lava Salt

20th August 2019
Switch up your starters menu with our black garlic bread recipe. With the use of black garlic and black lava salt, it just burst of strong, tasty flavours.

Seafood Pie using Pampas Puff Pastry

16th July 2019
As the cooler months approach, it's time to reinvent your seafood menu. Give this seafood pie recipe a try. You can make in bulk or individually - you choose.

Saffron pilaf with malsi prawn curry

4th June 2019
This saffron rice pilaf with our Fortune Basmati Rice is easy and quick to make. Paired with a creamy prawn curry, it's the perfect dinner option for your menu.

Breakfast menu ideas: Eggs Benedict, Spanner Crab & Wasabi

2nd April 2019
Spruce up your breakfast menu offering with this easy to follow spanner crab and wasabi eggs benedict recipe. With its rich flavours and thick sauces, it's a dish that will keep your customer's tastebuds bursting.
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