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I have worked in the hospitality for a long time and during this period I have touched on multiple areas of the industry. From being a chef in the kitchen, to sales, business and recipe development and food styling; I've done it all.

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If you were to cook for someone famous, who and what would it be?
When I worked at The Ritz in London, I would cook breakfast for Princess Margaret. She was a local to us and would also request smoked salmon and scrambled eggs - it was her favourite.

Latest recipes from Kai Ellmann

Spicy Chicken Nuggets

2nd February 2021
Chef Kai Ellmann cooks up a spicy spin on the classic chicken nugget. Featuring smoked paprika, white ground pepper, and thyme, these flavoursome chicken nuggets take the crowd-pleaser to the next level. 

Crispy Prawn Burger

23rd December 2020
Chef Kai Ellmann creates a wonderful spin on the traditional beef burger with crispy prawns, sliced lettuce, and aioli. This dish has very few ingredients and comes together very nicely.

Garlic Bread Tuna Melt

25th September 2020
Creaminess from the mayonnaise, crunchiness from the onions and saltiness from the capers. This recipe combines perfectly with the garlic bread base to offer a unique way to utilise the product throughout your menu.

Shakshuka & Toasted Turkish Bread

2nd September 2020
Spice up your breakfast menu - literally. The Shakshuka offers a Mediterranean spin and rich flavour combinations that your customers will love.

Smoked Trout Labneh Tart with Fennel, Apple and Rocket

3rd March 2020
New and improved shared platters are hard to find. So, why not check out Chef Kai's golden, flavoursome smoked trout labneh tart. With the use of fresh produce, it's perfect for all time of year.

Smoked Trout Jaffle

10th February 2020
Take your toasted sandwich to the next level with this smoked trout jaffle, using our famous Helga's Traditional White Loaf.

Smoked Trout Croquette Served With Smoked Lemon Mayonnaise

3rd December 2019
Potato croquettes are trending on menus across Australia. Now, Chef Kai has given the dish an overhaul with the incorporation of smoked trout.

Smoked Trout Kedgeree With 63 Degree Egg

19th November 2019
Looking for some main course inspiration? Chef Kai has the dish for you - check out his version of the smoked trout kedgeree using our Fortune Long Grain Rice.
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