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Tim Gatt

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Full time Trainer and Assessor
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William Angliss Institute Sydney
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Tetsuyas, Sydney

Mathias Dahlgren, Sweden

About Chef

I believe in striving for excellence in every aspect including as a chef, this saw me work at Tetsuyas were I learnt some amazing skills and techniques. I was then the successful recipient of the Oliver C Shaul Scholarship which allowed me to travel to Europe and work in some amazing establishments. Once returning I have now dedicated my career to education and the training of Australia’s upcoming young Chefs.

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What was/is your biggest challenge in the kitchen?
Setting a happy equilibrium in the kitchen where it is a fun workplace and still a well-oiled machine.

Latest recipes from Tim Gatt

Almond and Apple Pithivier Served with Anglaise

3rd September 2019
It has a crunchy shell and creamy cinnamon filling, this Almond & Apple Pithivier is perfect for a cool, spring day served with a warm anglaise on the side. Give it a go on your menu.

Gluten Free Burger With Chicken, Kim Chi and Sesame Mayonnaise

2nd July 2019
With more customers following a gluten free diet, having meals free of gluten has never been more important. This burger recipe will have your customers rushing back for more.

Kingfish ceviche with pickled vegetables

21st May 2019
With the trend of pickled vegetables rising, this simple to follow kingfish ceviche recipe is a must-try for your menu.

Beurre Noisette Ice Cream with Butter Crumb, Caramel Popcorn & Poached Pears

16th April 2019
Looking for a creamy, flavoursome dessert for your menu? Chef Tim's Beurre Noisette Ice Cream recipe is the answer. It's rich in flavour and can be made in bulk, ahead of service time.
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