The Burger Travel Test

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The Burger Travel Test

The Burger Travel Test

Posted on 21st April 2021
On a mission to preserve the integrity of home-delivered Burgers all over the country.


The QBA Bun Club proudly presents The Burger Travel Test.

Using premium ingredients like QBA Milk Buns, and expert tips from Celebrity Chef Colin Selwood, you’ll discover how to construct a delicious Burger that’s good to go – guaranteed!

Delicious burger

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QBA Milk Buns Features & Benefits

  • Baked fresh, then frozen – can be stored in the freezer for up to 6 months.
  • Quick to thaw – minimum preparation time.
  • Perfect for burgers – ideal combination of taste and texture.
  • Crispy glazed outer crust – they hold their shape.

Buns in a pile

Burger Travel Tips

  • If you’re adding pickles to your Burger, place them on top of the meat patty before melting the cheese on top of the pickles. This will ensure the pickles stay secure on the Burger
  • Right amount of sauce is key! Too much sauce within the layers of the Burger may cause the fillings to slide off.
  • When the meat’s done, let it rest for a couple of minutes to remove any excess juices.
  • Slightly salt your tomato slices, to draw out any excess water.
  • Wrap the burger in paper, so it will breathe, not sweat.
  • Place the burger in a cardboard box for extra heat retention and protection.

Burger ready for travel in bag

Find out more about the QBA Milk Buns and up your burger game here!

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