Chef Graham’s favourite root to stem hacks

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Chef Graham’s favourite root to stem hacks

Chef Graham’s favourite root to stem hacks

Posted on 11th July 2016
Stretch your kitchen’s dollar further with Chef Graham’s root-to-stem hacks.


We sat down with Chef Graham, Group Executive Chef at Wests Leagues Club to get the down-low on root-to-stem dining. Here is what he had to say

Sick of seeing waste in your kitchen? If there was another way to minimize this waste, drive your kitchen’s dollar further and enrich your menu with interesting flavours – would you want to know about it?


Great, because we sat down with Experienced Chef Graham Krueger, Group Executive Chef at Wests Leagues Club, to get his thoughts on how to be a zero waste chef. Here are his hacks.

Nose to Tail Veg Heading

1. Thinly slice broccoli stems and throw them in a wok to bulk up stir fries.

Nose to Tail Veg 2

2. Every part of the pumpkin is edible. Chef Graham’s kitchen roasts the seeds and also uses them as a garnish for a quinoa pumpkin salad. The flesh trimmings then get boiled down into a puree, which goes into a barramundi dish.

Nose to Tail Veg 4

3. Utilise the tough outer leaves of red cabbage by boiling them and, once softened, using them to make little parcels or dumplings.

Nose to Tail Veg 4

4. Raw broccoli leaves and the leaves of imperfect brussels sprouts make a great addition to a salad mix.


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