Garlic Bread Tuna Melt

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Garlic Bread Tuna Melt

Garlic Bread Tuna Melt

Posted on 25th September 2020
Creaminess from the mayonnaise, crunchiness from the onions and saltiness from the capers. This recipe combines perfectly with the garlic bread base to offer a unique way to utilise the product throughout your menu.
Makes 2, scale as needed.


2 each La Famiglia Garlic Bread Slices
160 g Tuna, Drained
80 g Red Onion
30 g Capers, Chopped
15 g Dill, Chopped
2 g Salt and Pepper To Taste
110 g Prise Whole Egg Mayonnaise
8 each Swiss Cheese Slices


Tuna Melt Ingredients flat lay

Step 1:

Bake garlic bread as per instructions.

Toasted Garlic Bread Coming Out of Oven

Step 2:

In a bowl, mix tuna, onion, capers, dill and mayo, season to taste.

Mixing tuna mix in bowl

Step 3:

Spread tuna mix onto the garlic bread, top with cheese.

Add tuna mix to bread Add a cheese of your choice

Step 4:

Place into the oven or under the salamander until cheese is melted and golden, serve immediately.

Garnish with herbs

For a tasty entrée or bar snack turn garlic bread into bruschetta by topping with sliced tomato, mozzarella and basil leaves.

Alternative serving suggestion with tomato and mozzarella

Message from chef Kai Ellmann

Kai Ellmann

Garlic bread is traditionally used a side, however it’s versatile enough to be used across your menu which allows you to value add. When combined with the soft, fresh, tuna mix it’s a great option for lunch.

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