Bakers treat: the 5 items every bakery needs to save time and money

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Bakers treat: the 5 items every bakery needs to save time and money

Bakers treat: the 5 items every bakery needs to save time and money

Posted on 19th April 2018
We have tracked down the five items every baker needs to save themselves both time and money when working in their kitchens.


From the crack of dawn to the weary hours of the evening, bakers and chefs generally find themselves overcome with a list of endless tasks. Whether it is baking fresh bread and cakes or creating delicious desserts for their customers, chefs and bakers are starting to struggle to find time to experiment within their kitchens or train up-and-coming staff.


So, imagine a kitchen where you had more time to trial and test new flavours and ingredients…well, now you can.

To ensure you can invest time and skills back into your kitchen, we have uncovered the top five items every baker and chef needs to save themselves time and money. From a store-room kept cream to pre-made moulds and portion control cutters, there is something to make every chef’s – both experienced and up-and-coming – working day a lot easier.

Chocolate moulds

Chocolate moulds:

Why spend time and money trying to perfect your own chocolate mould when you can let someone else do the hard work for you. These already-created chocolate moulds are the perfect solution when it comes to your dessert menu. Coming in a range of sizes, shapes and forms, these cups are made from 100 per cent chocolate.

With a range of the moulds created hollow, it allows you to become creative by filling them with different concoctions. From mouse to custard and ice-cream the moulds will hold the flavours of all, making it the perfect convenience product for function plated desserts, platters and plated assiette.

Single serving pavlovas

Single serving pavlovas:

There is nothing better than a traditional pavlova as a menu item, whether it is for an afternoon tea treat, an evening dessert or finger-food sweet at an event. That’s why these single-serving pavlovas are the perfect fit for any chef’s menu. Made with the traditional pavlova recipe of sugar and egg whites, this item fits the new booming trend of bite-sized and easy-to-eat foods.

The single-serve pavlovas are also quick to prepare, as all you have to do is add your flavours and toppings, then they’re ready to serve. Or why not look for something new and try adding Crème Whip to your treats. They hold a seven-month shelf-life in the freezer and can be defrosted within 30 minutes. They also have a seven-day shelf-life after thawing. These delicious single-serving pavlovas are ideal for any catering event or large functions, as well as the simple afternoon snack.

Creme Whip

Crème Whip:

Ever made a batch of whipped cream but had to throw some out the following day because it had turned bad and expired? The time and money wasted in creating the batch of fresh cream can now be saved thanks to a newly developed product available within the Australian food service market. Crème Whip is a convenient product for chefs and bakers when it comes to making whipped cream.

While freeing up fridge space because it’s an ambient product with a shelf life of 10 months, crème whip can be on hand at all times for your baking needs. While still containing milk and egg – as well as soy and wheat – you can make crème whip in two easy steps, by just adding water and whisking; it’s really that easy. It has the same texture as normal whipped cream and is still easy to spread or pipe on your next masterpiece.

Cake Leveller

Cake leveller:

Sick and tired of using your serrated knives to slice through your cakes in an attempt to have smooth edges or even slices? Stress no more. The new cake levellers on the market provide you with consistent sizing and shapes each time you bake and slice. As it slices through the cakes, it provides an even surface for decorating, whether it is adding thick cream through the middle or fondant over-the-top.

The cake leveller can also be used as a trimmer to cut off any uneven rises that may have developed during baking. On-top of consistency, it also saves time and money in the kitchen as it ensures the task is completed successfully each and every time – resulting in no waste. The new cake levellers are now an essential tool for bakers and cake decorators for keeping their masterpieces consistent and flawless every time.

Macaron silicone mat

Macaron silicone mat:

Portioning and baking the most perfect sized circular biscuits and filling for macarons is time-consuming and hard, especially when you have the pressure of your team looking over your shoulder for guidance. Now with the new macaron silicone mats, each batch of your macarons will be baked and filled perfectly, and most importantly, evenly.

The new oven-safe mats ensure the size and shape of the macarons are consistent every time, thanks to its clearly marked circles that guide chefs on how big the shell and filling of each macaron needs to be. Along with consistency and portion control, these mats save labour time in the kitchen, resulting in more time being spent on product development and engaging with customers. But best of all, these macaron silicone mats are the perfect learning tool for all up-and-coming chefs.

Let us know the tips and tricks you use in your kitchen to save yourself time and money!

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