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Bulk Oats

Oats are ideal in dishes like slices and biscuits as well as a topping on a loaf of bread or yoghurt. That's why at Goodman Fielder Food Service, we supply a wide range of bulk oats to meet your venue's requirements.

In an increasingly competitive market, food and hospitality businesses across Australia need quality ingredients that allow them to save time without sacrificing quality. Our bulk quick oats range facilitates that as they are rolled to 21 thousandths of an inch - making them ideal for pulling together porridges, mueslis, slices and quickly.

We also supply 20kg toppings oats and 10kg rolled oats in 37th and 28th varieties for more involved recipes.

Whatever your venue needs, you can trust our range of wholesale oats to be reliable and consistent, ensuring you can deliver delicious dishes to your customers every time.

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