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For your customers with a sweet tooth, a diverse menu of desserts and drinks are a necessity to satisfy every craving, and with our versatile range of sweeteners, you can cater for all tastebuds serving up meals and drinks that are both great tasting and without the calories.

Our original sweeteners give Australian chefs the ability to create delicious desserts like low-calorie chocolate mousse, puddings, cakes and biscuits. Or, for those health-conscious coffee and tea drinkers, natural sweeteners with ingredients like stevia are the perfect accompaniment in portion-controlled formats.

We offer a range of wholesale sweetener products for every need. Adorn your café tables with convenient sweetener sticks or sweetener sachets for barista coffee and loose-leaf tea, or for ingredients in larger desserts, our low calories sweetener options will make for easy access and low fuss.

Take advantage of the health and sustainability trends with our 100% natural sweetener made for organic stevia; it’s the perfect way to sweeten up healthy smoothies without the addition of high-calorie alternatives.

Our bulk sweeteners brands include renowned manufacturers like Equal and Whole Earth. Equal and Whole Earth and synonymous with quality and consistency, so you know the products used in your meal offerings will get the tick of approval from your customer base every time.

Check out our full range of sweetener products below to discover your perfect solution for creating delicious, decadent foods or the perfect accompaniment, without the calories.

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