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Bakery Snacks

Breakfast doesn't have to be complicated. Our fresh crumpets and English muffins are the perfect solution for busy kitchens in the morning and provide a nostalgic angle for your diners.

Our wholesale English muffins are baked on a hot griddle with a ground maize coating. They are perfect when served toasted or fresh as part of a breakfast roll. Try adding bacon, eggs and avo or for something sweeter try butter and marmalade or jam and cream. Goodman Fielder Food Service supplies these muffins pre-sliced for your convenience.

Another fast but tasty breakfast option are our crumpets. They are the perfect sweet or savoury breakfast option with a difference. These light and fluffy crumpets can be served sweet by warming them and piling them with maple syrup, butter, or honey. Alternatively, you can whip them up as part of a savoury breakfast dish with over-easy eggs and bacon.

English Muffins and crumpets are fast and easy crowd pleasers and an ideal base for you to add your own unique twist. Add them to your menu offerings today.

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