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Goodman Fielder Food Service is a wholesale bakery supplier that has all of your bakery ingredients in the one place and delivers straight to your store. Your Bakery Hub is where you can stay up to date with the latest products, news, trends and recipes.

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Recipe Ideas

We've been in touch with a range of Australian bakers to share their favourite recipes. Whether it's sweet or savoury, get inspired or simply learn some new techniques with our recipe library below. Looking for more baking inspiration and troubleshooting? Visit the Goodman Fielder Ingredients website!

Serving of Pumpkin Tart Donuts
5th June 2020

Chef Andy Bowden’s Famous Pumpkin Pie Donuts

Dessert menus are usually filled with the same dishes, no matter where you go. Putting a twist on your offering, allows you to set yourself apart from your competitors, that’s why my Pumpkin Pie Donuts are popular. Give them a try for yourself and taste the delicious flavours they release with every bite.
Apple Pithivier served with Anglaise
3rd September 2019

Almond and Apple Pithivier Served with Anglaise

I think this is a great dish because you can have it sitting in the fridge and when you need it for serving you simply put it in the oven and you receive a tasty finished product.
Baked Berry Cheesecake
18th June 2019

Chef Mark Stone’s Famous Mixed berry baked cheesecake

This classic mixed berry cheesecake cheesecake recipe is so bright and colourful, making it a beautiful attraction for your customers.
Lemon Syrup Cake
6th August 2019

French Lemon Syrup Cake With Rich Cream Cheese Frosting

This is one of my favourite recipes. This lemon syrup cake was inspired by my time in France and is just jam-packed with flavour, from the sponge itself and the syrup and frosting. It will leave your customers wanting more!

Tips & Tricks

We've got some useful guides, graphics and process flows to help you and your business. Get the latest baking tips and tricks below.


Aaron Skinn portrait

Aaron Skinn

Ever since we have changed over to using Goodman Fielder Flour, we have seen a distinct success in producing a higher quality bread. The quality of the gluten means we can proof bread for a shorter time and get incredible oven spring resulting in up to 20 minutes of saved time per batch of bread.

Adam Khazaal portrait

Adam Khazaal

I have been using the Goodman Fielder bakery fats range since it was first launched. The range is consistent, easy to use, store and no wastage. The margarine sheets are great for laminating your own puff pastry or making fresh croissants. The shortening is great to add flavour into your bread.

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