Beer Battered Kingfish Ribs

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Beer Battered Kingfish Ribs

Beer Battered Kingfish Ribs

Posted on 14th January 2022
Jesse McTavish’s delectable bite-sized Kingfish ribs are unique, fun and full of flavour, and the perfect summer side dish for your customers’ table.
Makes 4, scale as needed.


24 each Yellowtail Kingfish Ribs
200 g White Wings Batter Mix
375 mL Beer
5 g Salt
250 g Praise Whole Egg Mayonnaise
50 mL Yuzu Juice
10 g Instant Yeast (roasted)
50 g Sesame Seeds (toasted)
7 g Gochugaru
5 g Nori Sheets (toasted)




Whisk White Wings Batter Mix, beer and 2g of salt to make the batter mix.


Combine Praise Whole Egg Mayonnaise with yuzu juice to make the yuzu mayonnaise.


Roast instant yeast at 180ºc until golden. Then, combine with toasted sesame seeds, gochugaru, 3g salt and toasted nori sheets to make Togarashi seasoning.


Batter ribs by dusting in flour and dipping in batter. Cook at 180ºc in canola oil and drain on absorbent paper.


Serve ribs with mayo and sprinkle with Togarashi seasoning.

Message from chef Jesse McTavish

Jesse McTavish

As well as being a delicious menu stand out, these Beer Battered Kingfish Ribs allow you to use more of the fish – making for a meal that’s more economical for you and more sustainable for the planet.

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