Chefology - step up to the plate

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Chefology - step up to the plate

Chefology - step up to the plate

Posted on 22nd March 2017
Chefology is where food and ideas collide. We’re looking to fire up the passions of chefs across the country and encourage you to craft your dream dishes, then share them.


Inspired by exceptional ingredients? Share your culinary creations in the Chefology Competition.

At Goodman Fielder, we share your appetite for excellence in the kitchen. That’s why we’re dedicated to creating high-quality products that you can be proud to feature on your menus. Now we want to hear about how our ingredients make you tick. Show us what you create when Goodman Fielder products hit your benches and you could be in the running for some fantastic prizes.

Welcome to Chefology.

A celebration of culinary excellence, Chefology is founded on the principles of creativity and innovation in the kitchen. We’re looking to fire up the passions of chefs across the country and encourage you to craft your dream dishes, then share them – with us, your peers and, of course, your diners.

How it works.

All you need to do is:

  1. Make our Oats & Muesli your dish hero. Show us the creative way you’re using Goodman Fielder Oats & Muesli in your kitchen.
  2. Snap a photo of your dish and upload it to our website.

The most innovative recipe will be selected by our panel of chefs. If you’re crowned Chefology Champion, you’ll get to choose from a stack of $1000+ prizes (including a $1599 Kasumi Knife Set).

Why Oats & Muesli?

Burgers have become menu must-haves and Oats & Muesli have helped power this charge. Oats & Muesli are softer and less dense than a potato bun and with a milder flavour profile than your standard brioche – they’ll give your burger the perfect foundation to shine. There are a million savoury ways to make a meal better with Oats & Muesli, as well as a number of delicious sweet desserts.

Find your place in the Kitchenhood.

When you enter the Chefology Competition, you join a community of chefs pushing culinary boundaries, sharing knowledge and cultivating a love of food. The Chefology “Kitchenhood” is the place to connect with like-minded hospitality professionals; where everyone, from kitchen novices to celebrated chefs, comes to connect and be inspired.

Where food and ideas collide.

Mastery in the kitchen is achieved through mentorship, determination and experience. Find all three in the Kitchenhood and tap into the combination you need to hone your craft. For chefs in the early stages of their career, The Kitchenhood is the place to upskill, by following the lead of experienced mentors, sharing recipes and trying new things. Seasoned chefs get the opportunity to re-stoke the fires of creativity and remain on top of the latest food trends.

The kitchen: a new frontier.

Chefs are expected to be so many things; craftspeople, innovators, agitators, show ponies and publicists. But most chefs tell us that breaking ground in the kitchen remains the most satisfying aspect of their work. Start innovating here with other passionate and creative chefs – who knows where it’ll lead your menu and your career?

Keen to test your skills? Enter here!

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