Chocolate Cake with Mocha Cream

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Chocolate Cake with Mocha Cream

Chocolate Cake with Mocha Cream

Posted on 10th July 2018
Chef Terry has put our new Creme Whip to the test and created this tasty chocolate cake with a mocha cream. Give his recipe a try today.
Makes 20, scale as needed.


2 kg White Wings Cake Mix Chocolate
500 g Creme Whip Premix
200 g Mousse Mix
100 mL Coffee
5 each Eggs
200 mL Water


Image shows all the raw ingredients for cooking the chocolate cake

Step 1:

Pour White Wings Chocolate Cake Mix into a mixer. In a separate bowl, combine eggs and water and whisk together, then pour into the mixer. Place on slow for one minute, then fast for a further three minutes until all ingredients combine.

Image shows the chocolate cake mix and eggs

The chef is pictured combining the cake mix and eggs

Step 2:

Pour the cake batter into a lined baking dish and bake for 20 minutes at 185 degrees Celcius.

The chef is seen pouring the cake batter into the tray

Step 3:

While the cake is baking, combine the mousse mix, coffee and Creme Whip in a bowl. Whisk together with a hand blender until it forms a thick cream.

The chef is seen combining creme whip premix and mousse powder

The chef is pictured creating creme whip

Step 4:

Once the cake has baked, slice into large pieces and serve with a scoop of mocha cream on the side. To add some freshness to the dish, place fresh fruit as a topping.

The chef is pictured slicing the chocolate cake

Here the chef is pipping the cream and placing cake on top

Message from chef Terry Dickson

Terry Dickson

For this dish, I used the new Goodman Fielder Food Service Creme Whip product instead of normal fresh cream. This new premix tasted just like the real deal and also held the same thick texture. To add some colour and a punch of flavour, I used cooled-down coffee and chocolate mousse mix. The combinations of the three products provided a perfect element to the popular chocolate cake treat for my patients.

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