Gluten Free Burger With Chicken, Kim Chi and Sesame Mayonnaise

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Gluten Free Burger With Chicken, Kim Chi and Sesame Mayonnaise

Gluten Free Burger With Chicken, Kim Chi and Sesame Mayonnaise

Posted on 2nd July 2019
With more customers following a gluten free diet, having meals free of gluten has never been more important. This burger recipe will have your customers rushing back for more.
Makes 4, scale as needed.


6 each Helga's Gluten Free Rolls
250 g Chicken Mince
10 g Ginger
5 each Red Chillies
5 g Coriander Leaves
5 g Palm Sugar
2 each Kafir Lime Leaves
10 g Ground Coriander
10 g Ground Cumin
10 g Garlic
1 each Chinese Cabbage
1 each Apple
5 g Spring Onions (Sliced)
5 g Green Beans
4 each Lettuce Leaves
10 g Gluten Free Sesame Mayonnaise


Gluten free chicken burger raw ingredients

Red Curry Chicken Patties

Step 1:

Blend 5g of ginger and garlic with red chillies, 5g spring onions, coriander leaves, palm sugar, kafir lime leaves, ground coriander and cumin.

Creating a red chilli paste

Step 2:

In order to make the patties for the gluten free burgers, first combine the chicken mince, red chilli paste (make sure you leave a spoonful for your kim chi recipe), 5g spring onions and green beans for texture. Portion the mixtures into patties, then, pan fry until golden. Place them on a try and place them in an oven at 180 degrees Celsius to ensure items cooked though.

Creating chicken patties and frying them

Poster of crusty, gluten-free loaf

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Kim Chi

Step 1:

Cut cabbage into desired shape and season well with salt. Leave for 2 hours or overnight for cabbage to shrink and water to run.

Slicing the cabbage

Step 2:

Once cabbage has reduced in size, rinse under cold water and combine with the thinly sliced apples. Pat dry and season with the remaining garlic and ginger and a spoonful of the red chilli paste (made in the above step). Then, set aside.

Seasoning the cabbage

To serve

Step 1:

Lightly toast the Helga’s Gluten Free Rolls. Then, top lettuce, chicken patty, fried onions, gluten free sesame mayonnaise, kim chi and crispy fried onions.

Toasting the Helga's Gluten Free roll and building the burger

Message from chef Tim Gatt

Tim Gatt

The great thing about these gluten free burgers are the Helga’s Gluten Free Rolls. They are lovely and soft and hold all those ingredients together perfectly to create one of the tastiest gluten free burgers ever.

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