Smoked Kangaroo with Native Greens Sandwich

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Smoked Kangaroo with Native Greens Sandwich

Smoked Kangaroo with Native Greens Sandwich

Posted on 16th November 2015
The richness of the smoked kangaroo is offset by the earthiness of the beetroot and walnuts. The native greens add a bitter fresh crunch to the dish that finishes it off nicely.
Makes 10, scale as needed.


20 each Lawson’s White Loaf Slices
800 g Smoked Kangaroo Fillet
150 g Salt Bush
150 g Crystal Ice Plant
150 g Warrigal Greens
400 g Cherry tomatoes
400 g Beetroot
150 g Walnuts
20 g Wattle Seed
250 mL ETA Mayonnaise
300 mL Kutiera Sauce
100 g MeadowLea Margarine


Smoked Kangaroo with Native Greens Sandwich Ingedients

Step 1

Roast your beetroot and grate finely, chop the walnuts and combine with the beetroot. Leave to the side.

Step 2

Mix the wattle seeds into the ETA Mayonnaise; spread evenly over the bottom slice of bread.

Step 3

To ensure the sandwich maintains moisture, spread the second slice of bread with Meadow Lea Margarine.

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Spread Wattle Seed mixed Mayonnaise onto bread 


Step 4

Add the Native Australian greens – the Crystal Ice Plant, Warrigal Greens and Salt Bush. This will balance the kangaroo.

Add the Native Australian greens – the Crystal Ice Plant, Warrigal Greens and Salt Bush



Step 5

Add you roasted beetroot and halved cherry tomatoes.

Add roasted beetroot and halved cherry tomatoes


Step 6

Cut a number of slices of the kangaroo, around half a centimetre thick and add evenly across the sandwich.

Thinly slice your smoked kangaroo

Layer kangaroo onto the sandwich


Step 7

Sandwich can be garnished with the Kutiera Australian Barbeque sauce.

Drizzle with Kutiera Australian Barbeque sauce

Smoked Kangaroo with Native Greens Sandwich

Message from chef Leigh Roberson

Leigh Roberson

I love using native Australian ingredients in my menus. They provide a great alternative to some of the heavily farmed foods that frequent most menus and are packed with nutrients. It’s also nice to be able to surprise people and still deliver a great result.

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