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Cottonseed Oil

As one of Australia’s major suppliers of top quality cooking oils, we offer an extensive variety of wholesale cottonseed oil to cover any budget and use-case.

The Goodman Fielder range of bulk cottonseed oil comes from a suite of trusted brands including Simply, Gold Choice, and Meizan. Perfect for deep frying or shallow frying, our cottonseed oils are light with a neutral flavour making them a great option for many recipes as the oil won't over power the flavour profile of the dish.

Our bulk cottonseed oil comes in a variety of forms to suit your requirements. This includes Gold Choice's 20L square tin and Meizan's 20L jerry can. We also provide cottonseed oil from brand Simply in 15L and 20L bag in a box varieties as well as their 20L drums and jerry cans. Take your pick!

We also supply premium cottonseed oil options, just get in touch with our distributors today to find the perfect bulk oil solution for your needs.

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