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Oils and Shortening

Quality bulk cooking oil and shortening products are often the backbone of a commercial kitchen. However, with so many options on the market and such a vast array of different variants and pricing points, they can also be challenging to understand and implement.

Goodman Fielder is one of Australia’s leading bulk oil suppliers for food services, bakeries and other commercial applications. Whether you’re looking for premium oils to dress salads, oil for deep frying, shortening for pastries or health-conscious oils, our total range of oil and shortening products tick every box.

We take pride in the fact that we work alongside Australia’s premium manufacturers of commercial oil and shortening products which means we can offer solutions to cater to all businesses, across the full oil spectrum. From cheaper entry level options, to more premium, higher yield oils – get in touch with us today to find a solution that is perfect for your business.

To meet the entire food service market, Goodman Fielder, one of Australia’s trusted bulk cooking oil suppliers, stock a wide range of bulk oil and shortening brands. Included in our house of oil brands and products is Crisco's premium vegetable oil, sunflower oil and Endura canola oil, which delivers more than two and a half times the fry life of standard canola oil. Simply Oil’s range of baking oil and cooking oil offers a more entry level price point while still providing strong smoke points and fry life.

Whether you’re looking for the best oil for deep frying, the best general-purpose oil, commercial cooking oil or a premium bulk vegetable oil, we’ve built a sturdy reputation as Australia’s preferred, one-stop suppliers of oil and shortening products.

For whatever your cooking challenge, Goodman Fielder has the most suitable oil for your needs. Choose from our complete range of bulk cooking oil, cooking fats and shortening products today.

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