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Deep Frying Oil

Getting your deep frying oil right is key to perfecting the ultimate fluffy, battered fish, or hot chips! At Goodman Fielder Food Service, we understand the importance of this choice, which is why we provide a diverse range of options. So every chef can confidently select the best oil for deep frying.

Our top brands include Crisco, ETA, and Profry to bring you the best bulk deep frying oils available on the market. These oils come in bulk to ensure you have enough for your kitchen's day to day needs.

The varieties we supply include ETA's 20L Ever-Fy Blended Vegetable Oil and Celestial Oil, as well as their 15L Cottonseed Oil in their WH&S friendly bag-in-box style. We also supply Profry Deep Frying Oil in a 20kg drum which is a deep frying tallow oil.

Our largest range falls under the Crisco banner, which provides a range of deep frying oils in both 20L and 15L sizes. Their 20L range includes their Canola Oil, Endura Oil, Liquid Gold Vegetable Oil, and Sunola Sunflower Oil all in large drums. Their 15L bag-in-box variety include their Endura, Sunola, and Liquid Gold varieties.

The Crisco range has been specially formulated to extend fry life – meaning you get better, more efficient yield out of your oil than other options on the market.

So, whatever your deep frying needs we're sure to have an oil to match. Get in touch with one of our distributors today to find the best option for your kitchen.

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