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Tallow Shortening

From tallow oil to heavy-duty deep-frying oil, our wholesale tallow shortening range caters to every chef and their venue.

We have partnered with Gold Cup, Fryall, and Red Band to supply you with a wide range of bulk tallow shortening so you can find the best solution for your venue's kitchen. Our Gold Cup solid oil is an efficient deep frying oil with a great golden result and long shelf life, our Fryall Solid Oil is a heavy duty option suitable for a wide range of baking applications, and our Red Band Shortening is heat stable and offers excellent drain off qualities. Each of these products are supplied in 12.5kg sizes and our Red Band bulk tallow shortening also comes in a 20kg can for maximum value.

Whatever your venue's needs, our wide range of food service solid deep-frying tallow oils promise to deliver golden, tasty foods every time. So next time you stock up, talk to your distributor about our range or enquire now, if you have any technical questions.

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