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Goodman Fielder is one of Australia's leading wholesale pastry suppliers, offering a wide range of ready-made, premium pastry products including pastry sheets, pastry rolls and pastry shells. Whether it’s nostalgic favourites like pies or a contemporary spin on a vanilla slice, chefs and hospitality industry workers have come to know that the pastry product we supply under our Pampas brand is honest and of the finest quality on the Australian market.

The Pampas range of bulk pastry covers all the bases from light, flaky filo pastry to rich, butter puff pastry, ready rolled shortcrust and pie base dough – meaning you can craft your menu with the reassurance of a quality and consistent pastry product every time.

Pampas has been creating pastry that Australians love for over 80 years and has developed a reputation that is synonymous with quality and care. This reputation has transitioned to the wholesale market where Pampas bulk pastry enables venues to reduce labour time and remove inconsistency, without compromising on quality.

So whether you’re creating pie base pastry, making sweet tarts, savoury empanadas or anything in between, see our selection of first-class pastry and baking products below and understand why the many esteemed chefs in Australia can’t resist the temptations of Pampas’ pastry products. It’s so good, your customers won’t even know you didn’t make it yourself! All our products have a 18 month shelf life.

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