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Pie Base Pastry

The trend for fresh, homemade foods continues to grow across Australia; putting the pressure on chefs, bakers and catering businesses to continuously deliver menu options that meet the forever changing demands of customers.

When it comes to bringing homemade meals to life in a production environment, there is one traditional dish that continues to pop up on menus; and that is the classic meat pie. Pies of all kinds; beef, chicken, apple, cherry and everything in between, have made their mark on menus across the country.

Whether you work in a cafe, local bakery or pub, there is likely to be a trusted, old faithful pie of some sort on your menu. That’s why we joined forces with some industry leaders to develop pie base pastry that promises to help you deliver a consistent, tasty pie every time.

Our pie base pastry is a continuous roll of cream coloured, smooth textured pastry that has been purposely formulated for bakers and chefs who are looking to bake their pies from scratch. This product range is part of our famous Pampas brand and is a perfect base for your pies and flans, as it promises a golden crust every time it’s used.

These pie base pastry rolls are available in 10 kilogram rolls, making it the perfect product for bulk production.

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