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QBA Stone Baked Artisan Range

QBA Stone Baked Artisan Range

Elevate your menu with the authentic taste of artisanal baking from Quality Bakers Australia.

QBA offers a versatile range of artisan bread perfect for any occasion, combining the traditional method of stone baking with modern convenience. Each loaf and roll is baked directly on a stone oven base, creating a unique combination of a golden, crunchy crust and a soft interior.

Proudly produced by Goodman Fielder, a company with over a century of expertise in the baking community and known for some of Australia’s favourite brands, QBA artisan bread is a testament to their commitment to quality and passion for bread.


This stone-baked quality is preserved through a process of freezing the bread immediately after baking, ensuring freshness and flavour.


Whether you opt to flash bake it in just a few minutes or simply thaw and serve, QBA artisan bread is ready to enjoy in no time.

Ciabatta Loaf Salami Pizza


Made with top-quality ingredients like 100% Australian wheat flour, the bread is designed for easy preparation. The entire range is not only crafted with care in Australia, but also boasts a high content of local ingredients, with at least 90% of its components sourced from within the country.

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