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Artisan Bread

Nothing beats the smell and taste of a freshly baked artisan bread. Harness the crunch and aroma with our artisan range of wholesale par baked breads from QBA.

Whether you're looking for a perfect side to go with a winter warming soup or a rustic roll for your sandwich menu our wide range caters to all your ideas.

Try our sourdough range of loaves with seeded, rye, and white options available. Serve sliced and toasted as part of a smashed avo breakfast dish or to bring together a hearty sandwich.

If you're looking for a light and airy roll with a crunchy golden crust, you cannot beat our QBA Turkish Rolls. These rolls have been baked in true Turkish bread traditions and are topped with sesame and nigella seeds. Whether you use the classic or garlic options your customers will be impressed with the flavour and crunch of these rolls.

Our range of artisan bread also has a series of speciality par baked bread rolls to suit your lunch or dinner rolls needs - whether you're serving them up as a side or as part of a sandwich our wide range will cater to your needs. Our bulk par baked varieties include ciabatta lunch and dinner rolls, sourdough seeded, white, and rye rolls, and for a touch of style, white diamond rolls.

The range doesn't stop there, with artisan baguettes, batards, and cobbs also included to round out our offerings. Whatever speciality bread you're after you're bound to find something to enhance your menu.

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