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QBA Ciabatta Lunch Roll White

QBA Ciabatta Rolls White have a soft, chewy interior. They have been par baked on a stone floor oven to give a complimentary crusty finish. A favourite sandwich roll, they are delicious with any of your favourite fillings.

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    Wheat flour, water, iodised salt, wheat semolina, yeast, wheat gluten, malt wheat flour, vitamins (thiamin, folate).

    Contains wheat.


    Contains wheat.

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    Servings Per Pack: 1
    Serving Size: 135g

     Average Quantity per ServingAverage Quantity per 100g
    Fat - Total1.3g1.1g
     – Saturated< 0.5g< 0.5g
    Carbohydrate - Total55.2g46g
     – Sugars3.2g2.7g
    All specified values are averages.
    Information accurate at the time of publishing.


    Delicious as a side to the main meal, or with butter, spreads, cheeses or dips.

    Storage Instructions:

    Store in a cool dry place, out of direct sunlight.

    Shelf Life: 6 months (frozen)

    Product Code146491
    Carton Size35 per carton
    Cartons Per Layer8
    Layers Per Pallet4
    Total Cartons Per Pallet32

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