Celery, Radish, Apple and Walnut Salad

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Celery, Radish, Apple and Walnut Salad

Celery, Radish, Apple and Walnut Salad

A modern take on the classic Waldorf salad. The combination of crunchy celery, fresh apple, earthy walnuts and kick from the radish are bound together with a touch of creaminess to take this classic onto any modern menu.
Makes 10, scale as needed.


300 mL Praise French Dressing
800 g Celery, washed, peeled and sliced
200 g Radish, washed and sliced
500 g Apples, washed and sliced
200 g Walnuts, toasted and chopped
50 g Small celery leaves - Picked


Step 1

Place all ingredients into a bowl and toss.

Step 2

Garnish with small celery leaves.


A tasty twist on a classic that can be used as a salad on its own or as a sandwich filling.

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