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Bulk Sugar

At Goodman Fielder Food Service, we know that baking is a science and cooking is an art - and that sugar is a key ingredient in both. That's why we supply all your sweet needs with our wholesale sugar range by CSR.

Our bulk 25kg sugar range includes a wide range of products for your different needs. Our manufacturers sugar with its broad crystal size spectrum is most practical for recipes requiring dissolving as part of the creation process, while our fine caster sugar is fantastic for more delicate desserts that need aeration like meringues and sponges. We also supply graded sugar ideal for denser dishes and raw sugar for a honey golden twist. If you're looking for a wholesale sugar syrup option, we also supply golden syrup and invert syrup in bulk.

So, whatever your venue's sugar needs may be, reach out to your distributor and have a chat with them about CSR's range today.

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