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Whether you're looking for Golden syrup, Invert syrup, or Treacle syrup you've come to the right place. Goodman Fielder Food Service supplies an extensive range of sweet syrups to kitchens throughout the country.

Our bulk syrups are all 100% natural, Australian made and have long shelf lives for your convenience. Manufactured by CSR, our syrups are used and trusted by chefs in venues Australia wide. We supply all of our syrups wholesale in 25kg sizes. We also supply our Golden syrup in smaller 5kg sizes.

Not only does our Golden syrup add a sweet caramel toffee flavour to your dishes, but it's also a fantastic source of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. While our Golden syrup is a perfect addition to baked goods and Asian dishes, our clear Invert syrup is ideal for toffees, icing, ganache and more. Our distinctive treacle syrup with its rich colour, is the ultimate sweetener for cakes, puddings and sauces.

Reach out to your distributor and get your sweet fix today.

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