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White Sugar

From the ideal accompaniment to tea and coffee to an essential ingredient in food preparation, white sugar is a key ingredient that every restaurant, café, bakery, hotel and other hospitality businesses.

At Goodman Fielder Food Service we have partnered with trusted Aussie brand CSR to supply hospitality venues around the country with wholesale white sugar. CSR has over 160 years of experience in crafting consistent, high quality bulk sugar products for a range of uses. Whether it's sweetening drinks with sugar sticks or baking delicious desserts, our wide range of bulk white sugar has got your venue covered.

For beverage sweeteners, we supply 100% sugar cane 3g sugar sticks in 50 packs and 2500 packs to suit your venue's size. For other uses, we supply 25kg Graded White Sugar, 25kg Manufacturers Sugar, and 25kg Pure Icing Sugar. If you're looking for support with dietary requirements, we also stock bulk Soft Icing Sugar in 15kg 25 kg varieties. Talk to your distributor about your requirements today.

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