Black Garlic Bread With Lava Salt

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Black Garlic Bread With Lava Salt

Black Garlic Bread With Lava Salt

Posted on 20th August 2019
Switch up your starters menu with our black garlic bread recipe. With the use of black garlic and black lava salt, it just burst of strong, tasty flavours.
Makes 10, scale as needed.


1 each QBA Ciabatta Loaf White
25 each Black Garlic (Cloves)
25 each White Garlic (Cloves)
30 g Unsalted Butter
5 g Lava Salt
10 g Parsley


Raw ingredients for the black garlic bread recipe

Step 1:

Slice the QBA Ciabatta Loaf. Make sure you keep each slice nice and thick. Lay each slice out on a lined baking tray.

Chef is pictured slicing the QBA Ciabatta Loaf

Step 2:

Peel, clean and squash the white and black garlic, place in a container and cover with a generous amount of olive oil. Allow the garlic to soak for a few hours to ensure it soaks up the oil juices. For the black garlic, you can buy them from certain suppliers but if you are wanting to make your own, heat the whole garlic with balsamic vinegar in a rice cooker for three weeks. Then, once it has turned black, it is ready to use.

This image shows black and white garlic covered with olive oil

Step 3:

For the garlic butter, ensure your unsalted butter is soft and at room temperature. Stir in the finely chopped parsley, followed by the white and black garlic. Make sure you have five to six cloves per slice of bread. Using a fork, mash the garlic and stir into the butter to create a thick mixture.

Combing the butter and parsley

Making the garlic spread with the garlic

Step 4:

Spread a generous amount on each slice of bread and place them in a preheated oven at 220 degrees Celsius for 12 to 15 minutes.

Spreading the butter mixture onto the QBA Ciabatta Loaf

Step 5:

To serve as a side dish, stack the wedges of garlic bread on a plate, then dust a layer of black lava salt over the top, then, it’s ready to hit the table.

Finished Black Garlic Bread

Message from chef Avik Kanjilal

Avik Kanjilal

You can never go past traditional garlic bread, but my take offers a strong, rich flavour. With the use of black garlic and black lava salt, it will have your customers wanting more every time the dish lands on their table. So, while there aren’t much black garlic recipes out there as of yet, get started on the trend with this easy dish.

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