Nasi Goreng

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Nasi Goreng

Nasi Goreng

Posted on 22nd January 2020
Chef Paul has shared his Nasi Goreng recipe using our Fortune Everyday Jasmine Rice. It's fluffy in texture, rich in flavour and overall perfect for a lunch or dinner menu.
Makes 3, scale as needed.


385 g Fortune Everyday Jasmine Rice
38 mL Simply Sunflower Oil
150 g Chicken Breast (thinly sliced)
45 mL Kecap Manis
2 each Garlic Cloves (finely chopped)
1 each Red Chilli (finely chopped)
1 each Onion (diced)
30 mL Shrimp Paste
4 each Eggs (fried)
1 each Shallots (sliced)
2 each Tomatoes (wedged)
2 each Cucumbers (wedged)
2 each Limes (wedged)
5 g Fried Shallots


Pictured are the raw ingredients for the Nasi goreng dish

Step 1:

Pour Simply Sunflower Oil in a large heated pan or wok, then quickly add the onion and garlic to the dish. Move them around otherwise they will burn.

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Step 2:

Then, add the pre-cooked Fortune Everyday Jasmine Rice and stir. Make sure you cook the rice the night before because you want the rice to separate in the pan; if you use freshly cooked rice, it will clump during the frying process. Then, add the coriander, chilli, shrimp paste and two tablespoons of kecap manis and reduce down until the rice starts to caramelise. This is key for the flavour. Once it has combined, add the fresh shallots to the mixture.

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Image of rice

Chef is pictured frying all of the Rice with the spices

Step 3:

Fry the sliced chicken on the heated pan, coat with the remaining kecap manis. The sugars in the sauce will caramelise the chicken.

Image is of the chicken being caramelised on the grill

Step 4:

To serve your nasi goreng, scoop the fried rice mixture into a bowl, add the caramelised chicken and fried egg on top. Garnish with tomato and cucumber wedges, fried shallots and lemon or lime.

Chef is seen Pouring the mixture into the plate

Image of the chef adding a fried egg to the dish

Message from chef Paul McDonald

Paul McDonald

The reason I love this Nasi Goreng recipe because it’s quick, easy, healthy and simply beautiful.

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