Yellow Seafood Curry

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Yellow Seafood Curry

Yellow Seafood Curry

Posted on 2nd February 2017
Want to spice up your curry menu? This yellow seafood curry will do the trick along with a side of fragrant jasmine rice. Get the taste buds buzzing with seven easy steps!
Makes 6, scale as needed.


1 each Morten Bay Bug
3 each Squid Tubes
450 g Prawns
20 each Mussels
300 g Fortune Fragrant Jasmine Rice
60 g Chopped Coriander
7.5 each Bay Leaf
6 each Cumin Seeds
6 each Whole Nutmeg
9 each Red Cardamon
3 each Black Cadamon
9 each Whole Cloves
30 g Black Mustard Seeds
1.5 kg White Onion
12 g Cumin Powder
30 g Cashews
15 g Coriander Root
1.5 each Green Chilies
30 g Onion
600 mL Coconut Cream
30 mL Tamarind Paste
7.5 g Coriander Powder
8 g Turmeric Powder
9 g Garam Masala
2 g Garlic
2 g Ginger


To make the curry paste.

Step 1

From the ingredients list above, all ingredients from the Bay Leaf down are included in the curry paste. To begin, soak the cashews for 24 hours and strain.

Step 2

Take the white onion and boil it in enough water to just cover the whole of the onion. Boil until soft and most of the liquid has evaporated and blend the onion into a paste.

Step 3

Take the remaining onion, chop finely and fry. Combine the fried onion with the strained cashews and blend with the coriander root, the green chili, ginger and garlic into a smooth puree.

Step 4

In a heavy bottom pot, add the onion paste, with the herbal puree and fry until fragrant, taking care not to burn. Add in all of the spices and simmer until aromatic. Add the coconut cream and continue to simmer. Set aside until needed.

To make the seafood curry.

Step 5

Cook your Fragrant Jasmine Rice according to packet instructions.

Step 6

Prepare your seafood and sauté in a hot pan, adding the pre-made curry sauce, specified above. Heat until it boils and all of the seafood
cooks through.

Prepare you seafoodAdd vegetables to taste

Step 7

Place the rice into a mould and serve with curry. Garnish with fresh lime and coriander.

ServeGarnish colourfully

Message from chef Leigh Roberson

Leigh Roberson

The seafood really sets this yellow curry apart. Create the curry paste in large batches and the curry walks on out the door.

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