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Canola Oil

The oil you use in the kitchen can have a significant impact on the output of your food as well as on your bottom line. At Goodman Fielder Food Service, we take pride in being one of Australia's leading bulk canola oil suppliers. We offer a diverse selection of oils to cater to the needs of hospitality venues nationwide. Regardless of your primary culinary focus, we have an option for you.

In particular, we supply bulk canola oil in a wide range of sizes from several reliable brands. This includes 20L Canola Oil options from Meizan and Simply Canola as well as 2L to 5L Canola Oil sizes from Fortune and Gold'n Canola. Our bulk canola oil varieties come in bung drums, bags in boxes, square tins with bungs, and in jerry cans so you can purchase the style that best suits your hospitality venue.

Known for its neutral taste, canola oil is ideal for both deep and shallow-frying as well as part of a dressing for a salad or as a key ingredient in a marinade. Its high smoke point also makes it a good option for baked goods, cooking proteins, and making crunchy fries. As it is a great source of omega-3 and is high in monounsaturated fats it's also one of the healthier oil options on the market.

So, next time you're stocking up your pantry, consider buying from one of the most trusted canola oil bulk suppliers in Australia. Talk to your distributor today!

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