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Vegetable Shortening

Vegetable shortening as a solid fat is a staple pantry item for baking and deep frying in any commercial kitchen. This is why Goodman Fielder Food Service provides bulk vegetable shortening for your kitchen through well trusted brands Fry Rite and Chefri.

Due to its nature, vegetable shortening is favoured in kitchens for deep frying, confectioneries, and baking applications such as crumbly pastry items. Its best qualities include its ability to remain solid at room temperature as well as stay stable during high temperature cooking. Further, vegetable shortening has high oxidative stability, meaning it resists oxidation and performs well during cooking.

Our wholesale vegetable shortening options are supplied in 15kg boxes with a 12 month shelf life for the convenience of you and your kitchen. If you're looking for bulk vegetable shortening at great value get in touch with one of our many distributors across the country today.

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