Goodman Fielder Food Service

Pastry Shells

Goodman Fielder Food Service provides a variety of wholesale pastry shells in a range of sizes to suit your sweet and savoury tart needs. All of our pre-formed pastry shells are made from shortcrust pastry and are supplied with alfoil liners. These easy-to-use bulk pastry shells are ready to be filled with sweet or savoury fillings and look home-made - the perfect base to your next flavoursome dish.

Our smaller shells come in 70mm - 76mm sizes with a range in depth to suit your tasty creations. Each tart has a crimped edge design and are perfectly portioned for single serve treats or savoury dishes.

Our larger shells come in 178mm - 190mm sizes, in baked and unbaked varieties. These larger shells are the perfect base for quiches or sweet tarts and are ideal for a window display.

So, whether you’re looking for baked or unbaked pastry shells, we've got you covered with beautiful pastry shells that result in a delicious golden crust and provide a consistent outcome every time.

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