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Sliced Bread - Better For You

Customer demand for low carb products has grown due to the ongoing popularity of the ketogenic diet. So now more than ever, it’s important to make sure your menu offering caters to your customer’s health desires.

With our range of lower carb sliced bread, you can offer your customers a bread option that contains 25% less carbs. These Helga’s and Wonder products promise to give your customers a healthier alternative that still delivers a soft, fluffy bread experience.

Our Helga’s Prebiotic Ancient Grains and Seeds loaf is a delicious blend of whole grain barley, tapioca, whole grains and quinoa and is the perfect option for customers looking after their gut health.

With a five star health rating, our Helga's Prebiotic Wholemeal and Barley loaf is a great source of whole grains and proteins and delivers two times the amount fibre of our traditional Helga’s Wholemeal Bread.

And if you’re looking for an option that promises to keep your customers fuller for longer, look no further than our Wonder Active White Low GI loaf. This white sandwich loaf is the perfect secret ingredient for school canteens or corporate catering functions.

All our loaves come with a shelf life of six days and are recommended to be stored in a cool, dry place and out of direct sunlight. So, whip up a delicious sandwich, because this range of healthier bread loaves are the perfect addition to your menu.

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