Double Beef and Bacon Burger

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Double Beef and Bacon Burger

Double Beef and Bacon Burger

Posted on 13th May 2021
Chef Colin creates the perfect burger to pass the QBA Bun Club Burger Travel Test! Check out how to make the best Double Beef and Bacon burger that withstands the stress of food delivery.
Makes 2, scale as needed.


1 kg Beef Mince with some fat through it
8 each Streaky bacon pieces
4 each Burger cheese slices
2 each QBA Milk Buns (thawed)
1 each Tomato (sliced)
2 each Pickled dill cucumbers (sliced)
100 g Aioli
1 each Ketchup or gourmet tomato sauce (optional)


Step 1:

Place the halved QBA Milk Buns in the oven with cut side down, warm for approximately 2 minutes or until slightly crispy.

Step 2:

Divide the beef mince into 4 portions and roll into balls and flatten them into patties.

Step 3:

Heat the grill plate and cook patties and streaky bacon. Let the beef patties rest for a couple of minutes to let excess juices run.

Step 4:

Slightly salt your tomato slices, and place on kitchen paper to draw out any excess water.

Delicious burger

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Step 5:

Place pickles and cheese on top of the beef patties. Place the patties under the grill for around 30 seconds to allow the cheese to melt, slightly.

Step 6:

To construct the burger, take the base and the lid of the warm Milk Bun, add a good slather of aioli, ketchup on each. Add a couple of tomato slices. Finally, stack beef patties, streaky bacon and the milk bun lid on top.

Step 7:

Wrap the burger in paper before placing it in a cardboard box. And you’re good to go!

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Message from chef Colin Selwood

Colin Selwood

The Double Beef and Bacon is the best burger for the travel test because there’s not too much in it that will make it go soggy. Beef really is the original burger protein and who doesn’t like bacon and cheese to go with their beef?

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