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Looking for a way to warm up your customers this winter?

Goodman Fielder Food Service
Looking for a way to warm up your customers this winter?

Looking for a way to warm up your customers this winter?

Posted on 1st June 2018
Helga’s are celebrating National Toastie Day on June 28 and to encourage you to get behind the crispy, tasty toastie trend, we have an industrial grill station worth $1, 148 up for grabs. Find out how you can win one!


Toasties are known for being the quick go-to in the kitchen of a family home. But now, consumers are craving the crispy, warm, feel-good food outside of their own homes.

Moving into its second year, Helga’s are celebrating National Toastie Day on June 28. With an industrial grill station worth $1, 148 up for grabs, we are encouraging you to get behind the crispy, tasty toastie trend and show us what you’ve got on our Facebook page.

Ahead of National Toastie Day, we look back on how the trend made its move into food service. After being a traditional dish in the home for decades, the craze of the simple and gourmet toastie has officially hit Australia’s food service market, with outlets increasingly offering the option to their patrons.

While the trend has come to life in food service in recent months, it has actually been in the market for some time. In 2015, renowned chef Peter Gilmore introduced a classic toastie to his menu at the Opera House’s Bennelong Restaurant.

At the time, the famous Australian was the first to offer a premium version of a toasted sandwich for $22 on his menu. The well-accepted dish was created with two slices of brioche bread, five Australian cheeses and black truffle.

Image of a cheese toasted sandwich

Explaining his creation in detail, Peter told Gourmet Traveller, “I chose the cheeses for their flavour but also for their meltability and hold. I wanted them to all be Australian and I think the combination brings out the most in the scent of the Manjimup truffle.”

The famous toastie dish incorporated C2 cheddar and Heidi Farm Gruyère, ricotta and mozzarella, and l’Artisan Mountain Man. When the dish became available at the five-star restaurant, it was reported as the venue’s most ordered dish from their bar menu.

Most recently, a food truck business in Melbourne launched with their focus on everything toasties. Toasta Food Truck and The Toasta & Co. Café, have dedicated their menus to feature a range of toasted sandwiches, from the everyday classics to the over-the-top and unusual.

From three kinds of cheeses and pickles to cheese, pulled pork, pickle and BBQ sauce and cheese, spiced Mexican beans and tomato – their menu has something for every customer’s desire. According to Toasta’s website, they believe their toastie experience is all about “reconnecting people with their inner-child through nostalgic eating experiences.” A report published by Delicious in 2017 claimed the business was selling around 1000 toasties a week.

In Brisbane, the Melt Brothers Café has also become renowned for their toastie menu offerings. The trendy venue offers its diners everything from the classic ham, cheese and tomato toastie to their gourmet option of roast chicken, maple bacon, tomato, rocket, mozzarella and aioli.

National Toastie Day Prize Image

To join the ever-rising trend of toasted sandwiches, Helga’s want you to show off your best toastie in honour of National Toastie Day.

So, how do you can get involved…and win?

With a commercial eight-slice grill station on offer, show us your best looking and tasting toastie, while using our Helga’s loaves range. Try the classics or experiment with something more gourmet and post an image to our Facebook page on Thursday, June 28 to show off your creations for a chance to win an industrial grill valued at $1, 148. Most creative toastie wins!

Helga’s range a variety of loaves, from Traditional White, Mixed Grain, and Light Rye. See our full range on our website. Note, you must use the Helga’s range for this competition.

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