Korean Fried Chicken Sliders

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Korean Fried Chicken Sliders

Korean Fried Chicken Sliders

Posted on 5th November 2019
Is it time to step away from the traditional chicken burger? Chef Paul has showed off his take of the offering and given it a Korean-infused twist. Check it out.
Makes 8, scale as needed.


8 each QBA Milk Bun Sliders
128 g Praise Whole Egg Mayonnaise
256 g White Wings Plain Flour
20 mL Simply Sunflower Oil
500 g Chicken Thighs
192 g Breadcrumbs
1 each Egg
20 mL Milk
1 each Lime
30 mL Gochu Jang
30 g Kim Chi
1 each Lettuce


Raw ingredients for Korean Fried Chicken Sliders

Step 1:

If using chicken thighs cut them in half, flatten the chicken pieces by placing them between cling film and use a rolling pin to make them an even thickness.

Image of raw chicken in a bowl

Step 2:

Dust the chicken with White Wings Plain Flour and give them a shake to remove any excess flour. Then, add them to the egg and milk wash and coat them with the breadcrumbs. Pop them on a lined tray and place them in the fridge to allow the crumb coating to set.

Image is of the chef coating the chicken with breadcrumbs

Step 3:

Heat grill with Simply Sunflower Oil and start frying the chicken on a medium heat, a couple of minutes on each side. Be careful not to overcrowd the plate. Set the fried chicken on a lined tray and finish them off in a pre-heated oven at 180 degrees celsius.

Image is of the crumbed chicken being fried

Step 4:

To make the dressing, mix the Praise Whole Egg Mayonnaise, kim chi juice and Gochu Jang, which is a Korean paste.

Making of the Korean mayo using the Praise Mayonnaise

Step 5:

Slice the QBA Milk Bun Sliders in half and gently toast each side on the grill.

Photo shows the QBA Milk Bun Sliders being toasted

Step 6:

To assemble, spread the Korean flavoured dressing across the top and bottom bun, follow with a washed lettuce leaf, the fried crumbed chicken and finish it off with kim chai.

The image shows the chef assembling the slider

Message from chef Paul McDonald

Paul McDonald

I find these sliders the perfect addition to any catering menu. The combination of the crunchy shell, crisp chicken and flavoursome mayonnaise really brings something powerful to the menu.

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