Mushroom and Spinach Tartlet

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Mushroom and Spinach Tartlet

Mushroom and Spinach Tartlet

Posted on 15th April 2017
From the freshness of the spinach and fluffiness of the rice, these mushroom and spinach tartlets are suitable for many menus. Whether it’s for tapas, catering, or an entrée dish, this tasty, and easy to make, creation will fit all needs and desires.
Makes 10, scale as needed.


10 each Pampas 70mm Unbaked Tart Shells
150 g Raw Arborio Rice
20 g Diced Onion
150 mL Vegetable Stock
100 g Mushrooms
50 g Parmesan Cheese
25 mL White Wine
50 mL Mushroom Stock
50 mL Simply Vegetable Oil
20 g Meadow Lea Original Spread
40 g Spinach
50 g Semi Dried Tomato
35 g Shredded Basil Leaves
50 mL Praise Italian Dressing


Tartlet Ingredients

Step 1

Take your Pampas Unbaked Tart Shells and bake in an oven at 220 degrees until they are golden in colour (roughly 15 minutes). Leave aside to cool and harden.

Baked pastry shells in a tray

Step 2

To create the risotto base, add the onion with the Arborio Rice, cooking down with the vegetable stock to your preferred absorption levels. Once happy with the risotto base, set aside and prepare the mushrooms.  Take the mushrooms and chop finely. Place the mushrooms in a hot pan with the vegetable oil and fry until well coloured and aromatic. Add salt and pepper to taste.

Saute mushrooms

Step 3

Combine your wine with the mushroom stock to create a watery stock. Add the sauce to the mushrooms with a hint of margarine, add together with your risotto mix created in step two – the rice should thicken as it takes on the flavour of the mushrooms and the wine. Mix together well, adding the parmesan as binding agent to pull it all together.

Mushroom and Stock Mix

Add Parmesan

Step 4

Take the shredded basil and drop into the deep fryer, frying lightly until crispy.

Fry Basil

Step 5

Wilt your spinach and place into the bottom of the baked shells. Spoon in the risotto mix and garnish with a thin slice of the semi dried tomato and the crispy fried basil leaf. Drizzle with the Praise Italian Dressing to finish the recipe.

Wilt Spinach

Filling shells with risotto

Mushroom and Spinach Tartlets, Plated

Message from chef Andrew Sibley

The savoury shells are great for their versatility. We can make up bigger batches of the risotto and can bake the shells quite quickly for larger catering events. The fried basil really finishes it off well and adds some great colour and texture.

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