Oysters Kilpatrick

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Oysters Kilpatrick

Oysters Kilpatrick

Posted on 8th May 2018
Add these Oyster Kilpatrick to your menu today. They are perfect for a weekend snack or as a shared plate for your guests as part of a seafood platter.
Makes 12, scale as needed.


12 each Fresh Oysters
100 g Bacon
128 g Tomato Sauce
20 mL Holbrooks Worcestershire Sauce
10 mL Tabasco Sauce
30 g Parsley (Finely Chopped)
20 mL Simply Vegetable Oil
200 g Rock Salt
1 each Lemon


Photo of the raw ingredients used for the oysters Kilpatrick dish

Step 1

Dice the bacon, then add the Simply Vegetable Oil to a pan on a medium heat. Once it begins to boil, add the bacon. Keep the bacon on the heat until it becomes crispy. Once it is cooked, strain the bacon to remove any excess oil and put to the side.

The chef is seen dicing and frying the sliced bacon

Here, the chef is seen draining the excess oil from the oil

Step 2

To make the Kilpatrick sauce, whisk together the Holbrooks Worcestershire Sauce, Tabasco sauce and tomato sauce.

In this photo, the chef combines tomato sauce, Tabasco sauce and Worcestshire sauce

Step 3

To prepare the oysters for the oven, place a bed of rock salt on a baking tray, then firmly place the oysters on top. This step ensures the oysters don’t spill over when they are in the oven. Add a teaspoon of the Kilpatrick sauce to each of the oysters, then top them with bacon. Place them in the oven at 200 degrees Celsius for two to four minutes to allow the sauce to heat up.

The chef adds a spoon of sauce to each oyster

The chef pulls the oysters out of the oven once the sauce warms up

Step 4

For plating, add some rock salt to the bottom of the dish and place the cooked oysters on top. Finish it off with some finely diced parsley and a couple of lemon wedges.

The chef finishes off the dish by adding parsley to each oyster

Message from chef Vasilios Donoudis

Vasilios Donoudis

I have found Oysters Kilpatrick is always a winner with customers, I highly recommend this recipe as a must-have.

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