Pork Belly with Poor Man's Parmesan and Smoked Broccolini

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Pork Belly with Poor Man's Parmesan and Smoked Broccolini

Pork Belly with Poor Man's Parmesan and Smoked Broccolini

Posted on 15th March 2017
This pork belly has a combination of smokiness from the broccolini and crunch from the poor man's parmesan. It's got a little bit of everything. This is a must have for every autumn menu.
Makes 10, scale as needed.


1 kg Pork Belly
2 L Cornwells Apple Cider Vinegar
1 L Water
5 g Sea Salt
5 g Black Pepper
5 g Peppercorns
5 g Star Anis
100 g Raw Sugar
5 g Cinnamon
100 g Fresh Breadcrumbs
30 mL Olive Oil
30 g Anchovies
40 g Parsley
3 g Garlic
80 g Broccolini
20 g Onion
15 mL Red Wine


Pork Belly Ingredients

Step 1

In a large baking tray, pour the Cornwells Apple Cider Vinegar with the water and add the salt and pepper, peppercorns, star anis, brown sugar and a touch of cinnamon. The star anis really adds an additional kick of flavour and sets the pork bell off nicely. Mix the mixture thoroughly.

Poor Vinegar Add spices

Step 2

Add the pork belly into the braising liquor, making sure that it’s fully submerged in the broth. Cover the mixture with grease proof paper and foil, before placing in the oven at 80 degrees for 14 hours.

Add Pork Belly

Step 3

Poor Man’s Parmesan is an old Italian recipe that was used by families who couldn’t afford expensive aged cheeses like parmesan cheese. To make it, heat the olive oil in a pan and fry anchovies until they dissolve. Add the parsley, fresh bread crumbs and half the garlic (sliced), frying until the bread darkens.

Add anchovies and parsleypoor man's parmesan

Step 4

Using a cast iron flat pan, heat olive oil until smoking. Add the broccolini and cook until it starts singing. Add sliced onions, the rest of the sliced garlic and salt to bring out all of the moisture. De-glaze with red wine and, when dry, dress with a little bit of olive oil.

Broccolini Smoked Broccolini

Step 5

Take the pork belly from the oven and remove from the cooking liquid. Slice into pieces roughly the width of your finger and place on a bed of the smoked broccolini, drizzling some of the cooking juice over. Sprinkle with poor man’s parmesan to give that extra crunch.

Pork Belly from OvenSlicing pork bellyFinished Product


Message from chef John Lanzafame

John Lanzafame

We love this pork belly because of the flavours that it soaks in during the cooking process. Combined with the smokiness of the broccolini and the crunch from the poor man’s parmesan, it’s got a little bit of everything.

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