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Puff Pastry

Under our famous Pampas pastry brand, the extensive range of bulk puff pastries provides the perfect baking experience every time .

Our range includes pastry sheets which are folded 64 times to provide the rich, generous pastry that Pampas is known for; all in easy-to-handle pastry sheets. They're easy to separate and free from cracks and breaks so your pastries have the perfect crust every time. Our pastry sheets are also available in a fast thaw variety to fast track your production processes behind the pass and ensure minimal wastage. These pastry sheets are perfect for most sweet and savoury dishes such as aromatic pies and sweet danishes.

We also supply our wholesale puff pastry products in a dispenser roll style to ensure ease of use in the kitchen. These come in both 10kg rolls and 2x5kg rolls. Try our dispenser rolls next time you make sausage rolls in bulk for the perfect flaky finish.

Lastly, our butter puff pastry is also available in 5kg dispenser rolls. This puff pastry has a rich golden colour and is nice and pliable. It's delicious buttery flavour lends itself to a range of sweet and savoury treats.

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