Harold’s Delight

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It's trifle, but not as you know it. Reworked for a special customer - check out Harold's Delight here.
Makes 60, scale as needed.


2.1 kg White Wings Golden Cake Mix
1.05 L Water (For Cake Mix)
210 g Eggs
2.8 kg Diced Peaches, Drained
300 each Strawberry Jam
2000 each White Wings No Bake Custard Mix
1.2 L Cold Water (For Custard Mix)
6.8 L Boiling Water (For Custard Mix)
510 g Orange Jelly Mix
1.2 L Water (For Jelly)



Step 1

Make the White Wings Golden Cake Mix, by adding the water and eggs into a mixing bowl. Mix together at a low speed for four minutes and place onto a baking tray.

Bake in an oven at 175 degrees for 20-30 minutes until baked through.

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Mix Cake Pour Cake Mix

Step 2

To create the White Wings No Bake Custard, add the water set aside for boiling into a pot and boil on the stove. While the water is heating, add the custard mixture into a bowl with the cold water, mixing to make a smooth paste.

Make Custard Mix

Step 3

Once the water has come to the boil, add that to the custard paste and mix for four to five minutes. Poor the mix into a tray and leave in the fridge to set.

Place into Fridge


Step 4

Once the Golden Cake has cooked, split in half vertically and take one half and place back into the tray. Spread over the warm jam all over the cake and place the second layer on top.

Poor the custard over the cake and smooth, add the peach slices into the custard.

Bake Cake and Halve Spread with Jam

Step 5

Boil the water set aside for the jelly and combine with the jelly mix as per the packet instructions (noting jelly to water ratio could change). Leave for 15 minutes to cool. Layer the custard and peaches onto the cake, before slowly pouring the jelly over the cake and custard – refrigerate overnight until set.

Make Orange Jelly  Spread Custard Over Cake Add Peaches

Plate up with fresh fruits to garnish.



Message from chef Melanie Jackson

Melanie Jackson

This recipe was created for one of our residents, Harold, who liked some of the components of trifle, but no others. We found our other residents loved it too.

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