Goodman Fielder Food Service

Natural Sweeteners

At Goodman Fielder Food Service we supply a 100% natural sweetener option for restaurants, cafes, and other hospitality venues.

Our Whole Earth sweetener sticks are natural, organic, plant based and low calorie making them the perfect healthy alternative for your customers. Plus, they're gluten free and vegan friendly so you can supply options that cater to the growing number of dietary requirements.

Ideal for both hot and cold beverages, our wholesale sweetener sticks have the sweetening power of 4g of sugar with only 0.4 calories per stick. This makes them the perfect for drinks, fruits, yoghurts, cereals, and other sweetening opportunities.

We supply Whole Earth sweetener sticks in bulk cartons containing 500 sticks and our product has a 36 month shelf life for your convenience. So next time you're ordering for your venue, talk to your supplier about Whole Earth sweetener sticks.

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